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AI Guns In Game

Understanding Battleground Europe's AI Guns

They Don't Come to You - You have to walk, drive, fly into their field of fire. Don't get mad at them, understand and avoid them.
Types of AI - There are 3 Types of AI. Anti Personal -  Anti Tank - Anti Aircraft.
AI Characters - AI Characters are  determined by ownership - British, French, German, or American, Weapons are all about the same.
Repairing AI - AI self repairs or can be repaired by and Engineer with 2 repair kits.
Death by AI - Death by AI results in killed by "Enemy Forces" in your AAR.
On Defense-Watch the AI Gunners for movement, they can alert you to an enemy presence.
On Offence - Always check the map when spawning from a FRU, AI positions are marked and can be avoided.
Approaching Any City - Most roads approaching cities are covered by Anti Tank and Anti Personal AI. Approaching from a 45 degree angle is usually safer.

AI Field of Fire

Use this image to visualize the AI field of fire at any city anytime you open the map.
AI guns can always be flanked. AI field of fire is approximately a 70 degree arc.
The Anti Personal LMG's have a range of 150 meters, the Anti tank guns are at 800 meters.
Anti Tank Gun - Green - Anti Personal LMG - Red
AI Field of Fire

Identifying AI Guns on the In Game Map

The AI on the in game map is a top down view of the position. The artwork is small and difficult to make out, but is readable.
MG Tower - Look foe the dark "L" shape the top of the L is the front
MG Pit 1 - Look foe the dark blob on the left side
MG Pit 2 - Difficult to read this one, its 50 50 which way its pointing
AT Pit - This ones easy, very visible
AA Pit - 360 degrees
AAA Pit 1 - 360 degrees
AAA Pit 2 - 360 degrees
AAA Pit 3 - 360 degrees
In the enlarged image below I have detailed each of the AI and their direction of fire.
AI Direction of Fire

The Guns

AI Gun Tower

Machine Gun Pit


Machine Gun Pit

Anti Tank Gun


Anti Aircraft Gun

Anti Aircraft Artillery


Anti Aircraft Artillery

Anti Aircraft Artillery