Fives Maps
World War II Online Game Maps

The Beginning

  November of 2000
200 beta testers get their invities and the bug hunt is on. All experienced gamers who would find bugs and show up for weekly load test.

The goal was to get the game ready by June 6 and then turn it into the greatest wargamming venue ever.
Beta Testers Waiting in Line to get in.  
In the beginning there were 4 Airfields, each with a small village. The Meuse river Started at Anhee and ended at Dinant, there was a pond next to the village at Anhee, there was one bridge and there were no roads. All else was empty.  

The Rats

The Rats 2001


Of course the true beginning was in Alpha. These are some of the promotional screenshots.


The First Vehicle Set

December of 2000,  the Renault R-35, Renault B1 bis, Panzer IIIf, Panzer 38(t), Hurricane Mk I, and the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3.

The 38t was the fastest tank and the char was the slowest, you could walk faster than the char. The R-35's was no match for the pz's but the commander would not die so you had that going for you.

  By May of 2001 the set had expanded  
  New Vehicles  
  Flying Tanks  
    Burning Tanks    
    My favorite, reminds me of Carrot. He was a beta tester we lost to Cancer early on.    

Anhee December 2000

Anhee was the north end of the river with an airfield, small village, a pond and a bridge that was too long.


The First Fights

  The first infantry fight was held in the village at Anhee and was between French and British troops. There was a suprise waiting.
Floo had spawned german at Spontin, made the walk, and was hiding in the Village.
I walked right into him.
  The Char was too slow so I took out the R-35 and engaged three PZ's. Poor little R-35 got hammered.  
  Floo Became The Sneeky German        
    Early Testing    

The Happy Monkey Head

The First Capture Mechanism

    It was a toggle switch between French, British, and German flags.    

A Changing Terrain

When the first Cities with roads went in it was very different layout from what exist today.


In this early version Dinant had a tunnel through the terrain to the north, and an underground bunker. The roads had a ditch on each side that was very difficult to traverse. Tanks and Trucks alike had trouble with these.

    This was directly followed by a terrain set like exist today.    
    Dinant Dinant Dinant Bunker    

Early Fighting

  We would set up a fight, shoot holes in each other, and go over the damage logs looking for errors.    

Load Test

A weekly test where we tried to put as many testers as possible in one place.

These tests always ended a mass killing.


The Big One

81 beta testers on Spontin Airfield with one Triangle Man


The Dinant Citadal

  Located atop the Dinant Cliff's.
The Dinant Citadal did not make it into final release.


  First UI First Sheep   First Table Dinant First FB Dinant-Spontin  
    First trip to the coast   First time being bombed by a stuka    
      The First Moon      

Early Maps


The First Buildings

    Capture Building   Spawn Depot    
  Barracks Garage Hanger Airfield Tower Ammo Crates  
  Airfield Bunker Large Church Small Church Hotel Utility Building  
  Office Building Office Building Office Building Office Building Office Building