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  Mysterious Island
Located in the south west corner of the theater.
The Skull
Sherman Damage Model
Sheep 2007

  Screens From Rapid Assault  

Graphics from the Early Days

  Day 1 June 6, 2000    
  Gameplay and Technical Manual  
  In the early days you could launch the game from the webpage      

The Builders Bridge

First version

    Early landmarks included the builders bridge at Dinant, the castle's at Willemstad and Gent, the towers at Brussels, Breda, and Dover, and the Abby at Verdun.     
  Selfie May 2001

Spa-Francorchamps Race Track
Race Track Facilities
  The Training Area
January 2002
February 2002
  Koln, August 2002
Dusseldorf, August 2002

 Game History in Maps

  Phase 4 Map
December 2000

Phase 4 Map
February 2001
Phase 5 Map
March 2001
Phase 5 Map
April 2001
  SOE Phase 5 Map
February 2001
SOE Phase 5 Map
April 2001
  The First In Game Map
May 2001
  In Game Map
June 2001 Ver 0110

June 2001 Ver 0110
All Your Bases Belong to Us
July 2001
July 2001 Ver 0120
July 2001 Ver 0120
    October 2001 Ver 0131
December 2001 Ver 0140
January 2002 Ver 0150
    March 2002 Ver 1.5

March 2002 Ver 1.5

Version 1.4 to 1.5 saw changes to the aspect ratio of the In Game Map and I began using tile based maps with tiles I created instead of the In Game Map.

    Version 1.6 to 1.7 saw the populated area reach to the coast.    
    August 2002  Ver 1.6
August 2002 Ver 1.6
September 2002 Ver 1.7

Theater Maps

  September 2001
June 2001
  July 2001 

Training Areas

  All Training Areas
Training Area 0190