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World War II Online Game Maps

Training Areas 

  There are numerous training facilities around the theater. All are noted in the image to the left including some old ones not in use today.

Training island also serves as the offline spawn. All spawn's on the island are active.

In the image to the right , training Island, along with Flak Island, can be found in the  top left corner of the theater.

Training Island

    Training island has three cities, three ports, four airfields, two pair of forward bases, two heavy weapons ranges, and one rifle range

Flak island has three side based sets of four pieces of anti aircraft artillery. French, German, and British
    Army Training Grounds   Naval Training Yard    
  The Army Training Grounds provide infantry and vehicle spawns close to several different ranges.

The Naval Training Yard consist of three side based ports located in a bay with access to the sea.
      Main Training Field and Offline Spawn      
    British Air Training Field German Air Training Field French Air Training Field    
    Fort Montgomery Fort Rommel Fort DeGalle    
    Camp Victoria Camp Gretchen Camp Yvette    

Online Training Areas

    Stromness Kiel Brest    

Old Offline Training Area